A Colletion of Short Stories Inspired by The Sims

Friday, December 23, 2011

'A Bloody Good Place To Live' : An Introduction to the Swan Family

The Swans

 Veiled within the masses of the big city, the Swans had long been settled within an assemblage of vampires headed by the very old and very powerful Lord Gideon. Although the family was considerably young and of negligible standing, a single act of defiance from the late Rooker Swan had won them Gideon's most undesirable attention.

For this, Rooker had received a vampire's execution. Though, punishment for his crimes was not meant to end at his death. Even in this modern age, Lord Gideon would deal with treason in the worst of old world tradition. Orders for execution had been unduly appointed to Swan's wife and children. 

Persephone Swan was a young mother of four nearing her mid twenties when her husband, a man with a rabid curiosity and perhaps a fair bit of madness, had met and begun to mingle with vampires. Such creatures were obfuscated by fantastical myths. Yet there they'd been, dwelling among the living for ages upon ages. 

Rooker Swan prior to his execution

 Under usual circumstances, Rooker's accidental discovery of them should surely and swiftly have ended in his demise. In the mid 1970s, those who knew him had often said that a young Rook Swan could talk his way out of a coffin. And on the night he'd found himself at the mercy of the undead, he'd quite precisely proven them right. 

It wasn't long before Rooker had become one of them and his adoring wife was neither long to follow. The children were far too young then. Growing up surrounded by loving parents and many enthusiastic surrogates, all of whom were vampires, meant their time would come soon enough. And so it had as each had entered into adulthood. 

Life as vampires had been nothing short of perfect, if you'd asked the Swans. That is, until recently. Rook had been prone to reckless behavior, but slighting Gideon could be described as far more than risky and no less than deadly. Following his death, the surviving Swans were forced to flee the city to escape the same fate.

They'd travelled days to the small town in which they've now taken up residence. Gideon's orders never go unfulfilled. Outside of themselves, they can no longer trust their own kind. The five of them are sure if they should ever be found, even by the dearest of their vampire family, it would all be over. ~

**Next begins the tale of the Swan family. Can they survive as vampires in this reclusive little town? Will they continue to elude Lord Gideon and a society of their own on the hunt for them? Will they be forced to run again?**